Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa's busy and so am I

I have been finishing up the shopping and wrapping. I feel good about the level of completeness I've achieved. Still have some odds and ends to pick up and a few things yet to arrive via the UPS man.

I finished a "Wavy Flower" Hat by Pick up sticks.

It's super cute.

I started a pair a wrist warmers with the Lorna's Laces in "Flame" from the Loopy Ewe. I actually have one completed and will start the second today. I'll have to photo them when the Girl child is home to model them.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

This week is soooo escaping me

I have been super busy doing I don't even know what. I'm trying to finish xmas shopping. There's never enough money, time or items in stock.

I finished Felting Katie's bowl.

Isn't it cute? Well, at least the model is.

I felted the snowbabies and finished the details, too. I'm not sure I like them..... I'm not going to show them until I decide.

I started a new hat. It is "Wavy Flower" a felted hat by pick up sticks. It's seems to be flowing well and I'm looking forward to getting it done. I'm using a Cascade #9404 a deep red as CC and #4002 a charcoal grey as MC.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Weekend

Saturday we spent the first part of the day shopping and running errands. Just boring necessities stuff. The second part of the day was spent cleaning. We cleaned the loft....The two bedrooms.... cleared off every flat surface and wiped them down. Got rid of lots of things the boys had outgrown/lost pieces to/broke/don't need/want all to get ready for the new and improved xmas things the boys will outgrow/lose pieces/break/not want/need. What a circle.

Next week we'll clean the basement family room..... laundry room.... adult boy's room...... and the girl's room. Uggh!

I did get a very lovely package from http://www.theloopyewe.com/ I was very happy to end the days hard work with some yarn petting. Very relaxing.

Sunday was actually a laid back day. We canceled plans to go to my Mom's because of the threatening weather [which actually was minimal] so I was able to get some knitting done for gifts.
Snow babies and clothes are done.
Just need felting.

I also finished my Love's socks!

Which encouraged him to, umm.... model?

Katie's pre-felted bowl.

Today I've started a new sock with Perchance to Knit, Pond II. I'm undecided about it. We'll see.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I have been fighting with the lights on this stupid xmas village for over an hour. There are cords and non-working lights every where. It's driving me nuts! I would so rather have been knitting on my ML's sock.

Since I have nothing to report on knitting I thought I would insert my favorite Ricky photo from Darla. She sent it via email, wasn't that nice. She also sent a copy of our xmas cards so we could approve of them. They are great. I can't wait 'til people start getting them in the mail. They crack me up.

So now I feel better. Off I go to fight the village.... and the people.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy, Busy

We had a very busy weekend. Saturday we met friends at the DIA and enjoyed all the art. I think they did a great job in the remodel. We also went to dinner and enjoyed telling stories and sharing laughs.

Today was put out the holiday decorations day. That's always a little hectic and crazy. But it's mostly done and my husband is happy. Holiday spirit, here we are.

I also finished ML first sock... Now on to the second.

Even Nina knows socks are the way to go!

Knit one, Purl two. Back to the fun.

Friday, November 30, 2007

My Love's Socks

I have been working on my Love's socks. I started his socks, ripped them out, started them, ripped them out, again! I now am on track and doing do well. I'm working on the gusset decreases.
I've set aside my snow babies so I can work on these socks. I'll reconvene with the babies soon.
I've been on raverly a lot. I like checking to see what choices people have made about the patterns and yarns that I have interest in making.
I've also been trying to figure out how to make patches on my embroidery machine. Of course that's work so not nearly as fun as knitting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm in!

I finally got my invite to Ravelry so I've been spending all my time on there.

I have managed to knit two "Snow baby" bodies and the bottom ball section of the third. That ended badly however. I did not have enough yarn to do the top ball so I ripped the whole third body out and now I have a small, sad ball of yarn. I'll have to either nix that one or buy more yarn. I haven't decided yet.

I also am casting on for my Love's socks. I've cast on three times and ripped it right back to nothing so I've decided to change the style of cast on. I am not having any luck with the double needles.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Catching up

I finished my socks on Wednesday. I had enough yarn and even some leftover.

I wore them to my friend Linda's on Saturday and she asked about my socks. I was very proud to tell her I made them myself. She said they were awesome!

I also started on the Snowbabies that will be Xmas gifts. So far all I have done is one body. I'll start another today.

I decided I better finish the socks I started when I took the magic loop class. They are a Sport weight (Mission Falls) so they should be long finished but I had gotten tired of them. I definitely like the delicateness of fingering.

I didn't have that much knitting time considering we had Thanksgiving dinner for 25 or so of our family and Friends. I actually got away with minimal work as my love cooks the turkey and stuffing. I also delegated many of the other dishes to the guests so all I had to do was clean (w/ the kids help) and look pretty. I enjoyed visiting and playing cards. It was a lovely day.

Shameless insert of non-Thanksgiving family

photo at my brother's wedding this September!

I also have been trying to finish X-mas shopping. I hate the malls during the holidays.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Plugging along

The kids finally got their pics taken Sunday. I can't wait to see them. I'm sure Darla has got the perfect shots.

We had a very busy and crazy weekend so I didn't have much knitting time. I'm still working on my socks. I'm working on the decreases after the gusset of the 2nd one. I am happy with how they're turning out. I am, however, worried I might run out of yarn. Just a little worried. Okay, I'm getting more and more worried as I go. I did weigh the 1st sock and it was 52g and the ball for the 2nd weighed 59g so I should be okay but the ball is looking really small.

2nd sock

On an even more exciting front. I got some very happy things in the mail today!

Snow Babies Kit

Snow babies Accessories and hats

Robin's Nest ornament kit

All from the yarnery.com

I am going to be making these things for gifts for my loved ones. I know my mom will love to have a snowman and since she probally wouldn't wear many knitted items (or carry a bag) I like this as a solution to giving a hand made gift. I have some other people in mind, I for sure know the nest's final destination is some where warmer than here. I am very excited! I think that a snowman will be next on the to do list.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Socks

The first of the pair went off without a hitch. The second was going along very nicely..... until I realized I had FIVE extra stitches. It took me the better part of an hour to tink my way back to the mistake, where I had forgot a section of decreases. I'm now back on track and have finished the old shale section of the second sock.

I think I need to get some sock blockers. Although the girl child was more than happy to model my sock and point out how nicely it fit her foot.

The first sock

The second sock

I am going out with my girl friend tonight. I won't get much knitting done.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Do you see how cute my Nina is?

This colorway is very popular in my house. It's "Popsicle" from Collinette

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Sock

I have been working on my sock. I've finished the heel flap, turning the heel, picked up the gusset stitches and started the decrease rounds. It's coming along nicely.

My girl child keeps telling me how much she likes it, she's been giving many hints that she wants them, but I am choosing to ignore them all. I hope to be nearing the end of the first sock quickly.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Stash

Schaefer Yarn in "Snoopy's Crayons" fingering
from Ewenique Knits

Perchance to Knit in "Pond II" and "Primarily" fingering
from the Loopy Ewe

Cherry Hill in "Life's a Beach" fingering Chewy Spagetti in "Murky" DK from The Loopy Ewe

Louet Gems in "Caribbean Blue" fingering from The Loopy Ewe

Cold,wet and dreary day

The pictures have been rescheduled for next Sunday because of the lousy Michigan weather. Oh well. I also decided to change the clothes they were going to wear so I have more time for that.

I've decided to catalog my yarn stash here. So I will be doing that later today I hope.

I also started socks for me. I've chosen to again use the http://stitchesofviolet.blogspot.com/2004/12/old-shale-two-yarn-sock-pattern.html pattern. I am using a size US 1 for the cuff and I think I'll switch to a US 0 for the body. The yarn is from my LYS, it's Colinette in the "Popsicle" colorway.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm done!

I finished all the socks for the kids pictures.

With one whole day to spare.

Now I get to knit just because I want to. I think I'll make some socks for ME!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tic-Toc! Tic-Toc!

I'm still working on the girl's last sock. Time is escaping me. I have been not feeling the best, this cold of death seems very happy settled in my chest.

The girl's birthday was yesterday. She picked out her b-day dinner [hamburgers, periogis, salad and cannolis] and she was very excited about getting real gold earrings. She also requested "yarn, more yarn and even more yarn." How can that not make you smile.

I am for sure going to finish this sock TODAY. I hope!

Oh- and I did purchase the yarn I want to use to make a felted bowl for my living room. I think this will be my next project.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The end is in site!

I have finished all the boy's socks. Woo-Hoo. I'm working on the girl's second sock. I'm doing the "Old shale" pattern on the ankle as a fold over cuff with a 7x1 ribbing over all. http://stitchesofviolet.blogspot.com/2004/12/old-shale-two-yarn-sock-pattern.html I made a couple modifications, I shortened the pattern repeat from 24 to 16 for the fold over so she can wear them with boots. I used ShiBuiknits, Orchid colorway purchased from http://www.theloopyewe.com/. They are turning out soooooo cute. It is way more fun to use a interesting pattern.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Deadline changes but the work stays the same

We are having senior pictures taken for my son and X-mas pics of all the kids. So I thought it would be great to knit socks for each kid in their "color code." Originally the date was Nov. 4th but my oldest made plans to go with his girl for the weekend. You know- everything revolves around love. So the new date is Nov. 11th. Which, thankfully, takes my stress level down a notch since I now have another week to finish these socks.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

So it begins!

I am struggling with how serious I am about this whole BLOG thing. I intend to keep track of the things that I knit. What pattern, type of yarn, were there any problems or changes? That way, I'll know everything in case I want do it again. I'm just not sure how diligent I am. It's taking away from my knitting time. I'm not sure I want to give that time up.

Time will tell. [No pun intended] And so, with this, it has officially begun.

By the way I'm working on an ankle sock for my son, Opal yarn in Oskar der Traumer (that's German) basically it's black and white variegated. I am using a size 1 needle with 64st. The top ribbing is 6 rows 2x2 K,P. Just a basic sock. The 4th pair, all same stats except colors.

I'm off to knit.