Thursday, January 31, 2008

Excitement and Concerns

The weather threat is 9-12 inches of snow starting about midnight. I like the snow when there is only enough to cover the grass or so much that school is canceled and noone needs to leave the house. If we get the predicted snow tomorrow it may delay ML's air travel. NOT a good thing. So I'll pray for a safe and on time return.

I've been plugging along on my socks. I have two pair I'm progressing on and one pair on hold (sorry ML). The 1st pair is for me. The Perchance to knit-Pond II. I'm working on the foot of the second of the pair. The other pair is the new Swap partner version. This is going much better but I am concerned the colorway will be boring for my partner. I hope she'll enjoy them though. I think they're nice. I'm thinking of making a pair for myself also which is a suprise because I only have "Frank" socks right now.

And speaking of Frank color socks. ML went to the Loopy Ewe and is bringing home yarn. I can't wait to see the colors he chose. I am trying to get at least one pair of socks done so I can cast on with a new pair right away! I can't wait.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I AM REDEEMED!!! As I usually make lame stuff like hot dogs and mac & cheese when ML won't be home for dinner, the kids prefer to eat the junk any way. The adult kid asked what was planned for dinner, I said "chicken patty sandwiches." He responds with, "Crap- is it going to be like this all week? I so would prefer you to cook real food!" HA! It's nice to actually have some one who enjoys my food. I think he and I will have Chicken Parmesan with the frozen homemade spaghetti sauce, garlic bread, salad and pasta. The young and uncultured will eat chicken on a bun with ketchup and raw carrots!

Well, I know ML would rather be home to eat with us than in that God for saken place he has to be. I love you, tons. I miss you too.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Changing plans & other fun

I've decided, after knitting halfway through the gusset on the Thelonious that I can not continue. I have found 3 mistakes in the lace which would require frogging all the way back to the 10th row to fix them. I've changed plans. I am working on a new sock with a new yarn. I hope this works out better.

Last night we had my brother and his wife along with my cousin and his wife over for dinner and cards. We had fun playing cards and visiting.

We were talking about this special gift ML commissioned for my Christmas gift. My brother designed and built it.

My brother says, "Oh, are you talking about the Sock cocks?" Honestly! That's what he thought they were called. I almost peed my pants. He's not just another pretty face you know.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thelonious Day

Today I am determined to make significant progress on my swap socks. I am starting the heel flap as soon as I'm done here. I would really like to report one complete sock tomorrow. So that's my goal. No turning back. Off to knit. Click-Clack. See... you can hear the needles already.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun with the kids

We went this weekend to Frankenmuth and stayed at Zender's Splash City. We always stay at an indoor water park to celebrate our anniversary. Zender's was the smallest of the water parks but it was the closest distance. Just over an hour away.

ML found the hot tub.

This one was every where having the most fun!

My mom loves water stuff and came along to enjoy the kids.

This is mostly what I did.

This one went down the water slide... a 1000 times!

This one macked on some girls......O- to be young.

This one did this.

At one point he actually asked where every one was. When I answered "swimming" he says "Oh- makes sense." DUH! Only the brightest can be so dumb.

The older boy child didn't stay with us now that he's a too cool adult but he did drive up to have dinner at the restaurant with his girl so that was nice. I didn't think to take a picture of him eating a mound of Zender's family style chicken dinner. I think we all had fun. Next time we'll go back to one of the bigger parks.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catching up

Here are the flowers ML brought home for me. I love getting flowers especially in the dead of winter.

I made this hat over the holiday break just never got a photo of the cute girl child.

This is my sock. Perchance to Knit, Pond II. It's actually the third attempt. I changed needle size and then changed to the 2x2 rib. I think this is the winner.

Here is the Thelonious, Cookie A, in Louet Gems, Caribbean. It's size M on #1 needles.

ML's socks, Yarn Nerd, Math Nerd. They are going well, too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here's what's up

I've been pretty busy with regular life stuff. Kids getting sick... kid eating too much cookie dough... incidents not related one another.... just regular life stuff... cooking... laundry... cleaning... hanging with family... the days are escaping me.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Nothing exciting planned. We went to lunch with ML's Aunt and he's working all day and then going to class. So I'll spend tonight listening to whining kids and the other fun parts of every day life by myself.

I am working on socks for me in Perchance to Knit's "Pond II." They're on size 0's, 64 stitches, 2x2 ribbing.

I also have socks for My Love on the needles. Yarn Nerd's "Math Nerd" of course, size 0's, 68 stitches, 3x1 ribbing.

My big deal project is for my swap partner. It's a pattern from Cookie A. I have not done any of her pattern's before so I am finding it to be a nice challenge. I am a little worried that they won't fit my partner. I did a gauge swatch and checked her measurements but I won't know until she has them to try on. I hope the fit.

I haven't taken any photo's. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Waiting for life to return to normal

Thanksgiving, Black Thursday, Christmas Eve and Day, Day After Party, New Year's Eve and Day, ML's Birthday and Ohio. I am done. Stick a knitting needle in me. Starting 7:00am, Monday the 7th my life will return to the mundane, ordinary scheduled life I prefer. I will resume a normal school schedule for the kids, no wanted or unwanted holiday visitors and no more disruptions from my preference of sock knitting. I've been having with drawls. Really... Do you know how many empty sock blockers are in need of warm cozy wool loops in pretty colors waiting to be covered? It is embarrassing. Naked blockers... I am ashamed.

I started my next pair of socks on the way home from Ohio. I will be diligent on starting another pair tomorrow. One pair easily worked on with out much thought. One pair that will keep my mind busily thinking. SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS!!! I scream SOCKS! and giddily laugh. By the way, this is perfectly sane ranting. SOCKS! SOCKS! SOCKS! heheheheheh

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love!

Have a Happy Day inspite of your crappy work schedule.