Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm trying to be more adventurous on my life these days. I love knitting and even though Ravelry has an unbelievable amount of patterns, I can't always find exactly what I want. So I improvise. I decided today, I should list a couple of such items as patterns. Who knows, maybe one of my patterns is exactly what someone else is looking for.

I'm starting with my Wee Hats. If the amount of comments and messages I received is any indication this will be a success. Hope you enjoy!

Wee Hats

I used an assortment of left over sock yarns. not much is needed. Less than 5 yards for each hat.

I used size US #0-#1 needles.

Cast on 24 stitches, join in the round for knitting. Knit 4 rounds in 1x1 (K1, P1) rib. Then knit 14 rounds in plain knit, stockinette. Decrease round; *k3, k2tog* around. ( I ended up with 1 extra stitch, I knit it. In the 3rd round this corrects itself.) Knit 1 round. Decrease round; *k2, k2tog* k1. Knit one round. Decrease round; *k1, k2tog.* DO NOT knit a round. Decrease; k2tog around. Draw yarn through the last 5 stitches to close and weave in ends.

I love these little hats, I hung them on my small Christmas tree along with wee socks and sweaters.

Happy Knitting!


Two Dizzy said...

Thank You for the pattern! I LOVE wee things!!! These hats are so freakin' cute!!!

Deb said...

Hey...this is just what I was looking for. We're having Super Bowl Sunday at church & I don't have anything black & gold (Steelers)to wear, so I'm going to make a couple to wear as pins on my blouse.

Deb said...

Hi Kym,

I used your pattern & made a couple of hats to wear today for the Super Bowl.

You can check them out on my blog.

Thanks again for sharing your pattern!

SweetLilSis said...

Absolutely adorable!

angelab said...

Can I get the patterns for the sweater and socks from you?

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Hello from Denmark, Europe. I just love these small hats. I don't know what wee means. But the hats are awesome. Love from Hanne,

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered making hats for charity? Check out Calvin's Hats in the "Groups" section on Ravelry. They would LOVE to have hats like this!

Sue said...

Your pattern is JUST what I was looking for! Thanks for taking the time to share.

Unknown said...

'Wee' means small ;-) It is a Scottish expression (if I am not mistaken). But even if I am wrong on its origin, it is certainly a very common expression in Scotland.
- Ifigenia (from Greece)

Anonymous said...

So cute....what length circular needle are you using, or are you using double points? I tried 16" circular size doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

These would make an adorable Advent calendar!